Stuart Capewell (stuartc) wrote in wow_rants,
Stuart Capewell

Night Elf hunters 4 teh loss

So I had the level 32 elite quest "kill Morbent Fel".

I am a level 30 Druid, and I know I can't solo it, so I ask on the "looking for group" channel: "LFG Morbent Fel". I get an immediate whisper back from a L28 Night Elf Hunter named Sshhootteerr, asking if he can join me.

Mistake: I should have known better given his name, and just said "no", but I didn't.

I group with him, and I notice that he is already near the house where Morbent Fel resides, whereas I am on the other side of Duskwood. I switch to travel form and run over the where he is (must take about 2-3 minutes, tops), to find him standing there, stationary, unresponsive. I whisper him, /poke him, and I get no response. I assume he's had to go AFK for a moment, and bide my time by broadcasting "LFM Morbent Fel". A level 32 mage named Mumbles says he's done the quest already, but he's bored so he will help, so I invite him to the party. I explain the problem with our hunter friend, and we agree that we can't take on MF without his help, but we can at least clear the non-elite mobs from the lower floor.

We proceed to do just that without incident, and we are standing at the bottom of the stairs surveying the task ahead, when Sshhootteerr runs in, along with his pet wolf. We both say "hello" to him, and before we can discuss anything else, his pet runs up the stairs and aggros everything. We all run upstairs and start killing things. After 20 seconds, we're all down to 50% health, so I switch to caster form an heal everyone in sight (except for the hunter's pet, of course. Silly mutt deserves to die. :) ), then switch back to bear form and tank. We do finally overcome mr Fel, without further loss, at which point the hunter says "Thanks for the help guys!" and runs off into the night....
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