Diane Capewell (dianec42) wrote in wow_rants,
Diane Capewell

The "Hit F5" song

Is anyone still reading this community?

Anyway, I started writing this little number while trying to buy Blizzcon tickets earlier this week. It's to the tune of "Still Alive" by GladOS, and is in slightly poor taste.

(The scene: A frazzled gnome sits at a computer terminal, repeatedly pressing a single key and occasionally swearing. On the wall is scrawled a crude graffito: "THE TICKET IS A LIE". Eventually she sees a message that makes her give up for the night. She turns to the camera and begins to sing:)

This was a screw-up
I'm making a note here, EPIC FAIL
It's hard to understate my sheer frustration
Blizz Entertainment
They're trying so hard to throw a con
This would be like printing cash
Except the printer just jammed

But there's no sense crying over missing Blizzcon
You just keep retrying till the tix are all gone
And the website goes down, leaving anger and frowns
For the people who all hit F5

(Suddenly the stage is engulfed in a storm of sound and fury, signifying... something? Perhaps tickets have gone on sale! After some time, our protagonist emerges from the smoke, clutching a Golden Ticket and nervously eyeing an angry mob outside. It is apparent that some sort of miracle has occurred... but not for everyone. A hush falls as she addresses the crowd:)

Go ahead and leave then
Please think about giving us your stuff
Maybe you'll find something else to play next
Maybe Age of Conan
Anyway this ticket's great
It's so delicious and rare

Look at me still posting when there's Blizzcon to do
When I read CSF it makes me glad I'm not Blue
I've got buses to take, there are costumes to make
With the people who all hit F5

And believe me did I hit F5
I'm doing homework and I hit F5
I'm raiding Sunwell and I hit F5
When you're sleeping I will hit F5
And when they're sold out I'll still hit F5
Hit F5
Hit F5
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